All downlewds are 320Kbps MP3s (except where indicated) in .rar folders with artwork at 96dpi.
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IRK001 Bess Keloid A Monstrous Calf - A Miscellany of Homely Recordings 1991-1997 (2000)

IRK002 Numbness and Tingling Expectorations (2000)

IRK003 Juran Juran Hip Hop 2000 (2001)

IRK004 N/A 10.0 - íNo Hay Banda! (2002)

IRK005 Bess Keloid In Demons In (2002)

IRK006 Bess Keloid Self Portrait Masturbating - Half a Calf 2000-2003 3" EP (2003)

IRK007a Bess Keloid Dysphoric Aural Catarrhs I (2005)

IRK007b Bess Keloid Dysphoric Aural Catarrhs II (2005, unreleased)

Other works as Bess:

Punched by Olson EP (Pedophobic, 2005) (224Kbps)
"Never ThoughhT I'd Be Losing You" on Su Pollard Deconstructions compilation (nCr, 2000)
"ad-e-a" on Laboratory Series Volume Two compilation (Planetsounds, 2002)

Audio samples of Bess can be heard at Soundclick.

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